The Gravy is the musical love child of Leah Hinchcliff (upright bass and vocals) and Andrew Maldarelli (guitar and vocals). 
Since coming on the scene in 2009, they have been delighting audiences with their rootsy, yet innovative sound.  The two friends met while making up 1/2 of the Portland band, Voodoo BBQ and found their mutual love for acoustic music drew them to the Gravy boat. 
Andrew cut his teeth in musical theatre and finds ample opportunities to entertain with his quick wit and charismatic charm.  His voice is mellifluous,displaying the warmth of James Taylor and the soul of Marvin Gaye.
Leah brings her years as a touring blues/funk player to The Gravy, as well as a gleeful command of the Doghouse (upright bass) that is captivating.  She is a charming entertainer and a fiery, passionate performer.

Gravy Boat Baby

Everything's Better With Gravy...Everything