The Quadraphonnes

Made up of Portland's FEMALE sax Elite, the Quadraphonnes are redefining Sax Quartets. We play everything from Frank Zappa to John Coltrane, all arranged for sax and rhythm. Everyone writes, everyone arranges, everyone rules!
Marysue Tobin -- Again sax GODDESS
Michelle Medler -- Sax Goddess
Mieke Bruggeman -- Sax Goddess
Chelsea Luker -- Sax Goddess
Ward Griffiths -- Drum Goddess
Leah Hinchcliff -- Did I mention that I play the bass?

“Mary Sue Tobin, Mieke Bruggeman, Chelsea Luker and Michelle Medler have carved out one of the most delightful slices of the city's musical pie. The Quads boast great chops, a wide musical vision and the ability to play with great beauty here, fierce intensity there and a killer sense of humor.
Classically trained, they sound like they enjoy in playing together -- a joy transferred to the listener. Releasing the album during national Women In Jazz Month makes for perfect timing.”
-Tom D'Antoni, Oregonian A&E; Northwest CD Review: The Quadraphonnes 3/26/09